Anelise Hanson Shrout

Department of History, Davidson College

2139 Chambers

973.985.3597/anshrout [at] davidson [dot] edu


Ph.D., New York University, 2013

A.B., University of Chicago, 2006


Davidson College, Department of History.  Visiting Assistant Professor, 2013-2014


“Visualizing Isis: A Geospatial and Topical Analysis of the History of Science” Visual Insights: A Practical Guide to Making Sense of Data, (MIT Press, 2014) with David Hubbard, Anouk Lang, Kathleen Reed and Lyndsay Troyer

Review.  “Reading the Century Illustrated Magazine” in American Periodicals Review.  23:1 (February 2013)

“An Entangled World: Loyalties, Allegiances and Affiliations in the Long Eighteenth Century” Early American Studies, 11:1 (January 2013) with Jerusha Westbury

Guest editor of “Forming Nations, Reforming Empires: Atlantic Politics in the Long Eighteenth Century,” a special issue of Early American Studies , 11:1 (January 2013) with Jerusha Westbury

“The Famine and New York City” in The Atlas of the Great Irish Famine, 1845-52, eds. John Crowley, William J. Smyth (Cork University Press, 2012)

Digital Almshouse Project

Works in Progress

To Ameliorate Distant Suffering: Charity, Famine and the Politics of Philanthropy. (book manuscript project)

“A ‘Voice of Benevolence From the Western Wilderness’: Native Philanthropy as Politics in the Trans-Mississippi West” (article project, under review with the Journal of the Early Republic)

“Never to be ‘Ireland of the North American Continent’: Slaveowners, Transnational Charity and the Wilmot Proviso” (article project, in progress)

Honors and Awards

Gest Fellowship for short-term research at the Haverford College Quaker Collections (research conducted 2013-2014)

Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship  (2012-2013)

Dean’s Outstanding Teaching Award, New York University (2012)

Teaching Fellow, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, New York University (2012)

First alternate, Lake Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship (2012)

North American Victorian Studies Association Travel Grant (2012)

Glucksman International Fellowship (2009, 2010)

Guest of the Historical Geography Research Group, Royal Geographical Society (2006)

Jean Downey Scholarship, New York University (2007-2008)

Dean’s student travel grant, New York University (2008, 2009)

Foreign Language Area Studies fellowship for Irish language study (2008)

Henry H. McCracken fellowship for graduate study at New York University (2006-2012)

Lectures and Presentations (selected)

“Poor Indians” and “Poor Irish.” Institute of American Indian Arts Indigenous Interventions into Progress, Albuquerque, NM, March 2014 (accepted paper)

““Poor Indians” and “Poor Irish”: Philanthropy and Imperial Critique in the American West.” Organization of American Historians, Atlanta, GA.  April, 2014. (accepted paper)

“American Philanthropy Abroad:” Transnational Philanthropy in the Long Nineteenth Century” – panel organizer.  Organization of American Historians, Atlanta, GA.  April, 2014 (accepted panel)

““Poor Indians” and “Poor Irish”: Indian Philanthropy, Irish Starvation and Political Culture.” American Conference for Irish Studies, Chicago, IL. April, 2013.

“Distressing News from Ireland: Disaster, Empathy and Philanthropy in the Nineteenth Century.” North American Victorian Studies Association, Madison, WI.  September, 2012.

“There’s an App for that: Teaching with Technology.” Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Teaching Conference, New York, NY.  August, 2012.

“Philanthropic Experiences: Reconstructing Irish Famine Relief Projects.”  American Conference for Irish Studies, Madison, WI.  April, 2011

“Distant sufferers: empathy and the origins of transnational humanitarianism.” Empathy: Self, Culture, Society Symposium, Indiana University’s Poynter Center for the Study of Ethics. November, 2011.

“Calls of Benevolence and Suffering Humanity: Reporting the Famine and American Philanthropic Identity” American Conference for Irish Studies, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN.  October, 2009.

“Aid to Ireland: Irish Destitution, American Virtue and the Great Famine.” Nations, Diasporas and Identities, Wellington, New Zealand.  March, 2008.

Teaching Experience

The United States to 1877 (Davidson, 2013)

Popular Politics in Early America (Davidson, 2013)

Introduction to Historical Methods  (The College of Staten Island, 2012)

History 101: American Disasters (NYU, 2012)

Natural Disasters in American History (NYU, 2011)

Pedagogical training

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Teaching Fellow, New York University (Summer, 2012)

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Teaching Certificate Program, New York University (2012)

Participant, American Historical Association Teaching Workshop (2011, 2012)

Digital Humanities training

Indiana University Information Visualization MOOC (2013)

Professional Affiliations

American Historical Association

Organization of American Historians

Society of Early Americanists

North American Victorian Studies Association

American Conference for Irish Studies


Modern Irish


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